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Conrad Ross Meaders

My Story


I am a student of architecture at Wentworth Institute of Technology and an alumnus of Vermont Technical College with an Associate of Applied Science in Architectural Engineering Technology.

From December 2020 to August of 2022, I dedicated my spare time as an active volunteer for the Town of Danville Train Station Committee.  During this time, I submitted a Determination of Eligibility form to the Vermont Division of Historic Preservation, which was approved, conducted extensive research into the history of the 1871 depot, drew plans and elevations to scale representing changes to the building over the course of more than a hundred years, and discovered at least a hundred historic documents pertaining to the railroad in the walls of the depot. 


After receiving my degree at Vermont Tech, S. A. Fishburn Inc. hired me for eight jobs around Vermont over the course of three years: four plaster restorations at the West Brookfield Meetinghouse, St. Catherine of Siena in Shelburne, the Braintree Meetinghouse, and the Marvin Newton house in Brookfield; a window frame restoration at the First Unitarian Universalist Society in Burlington, a sash restoration for the Norwich Congregational Church, a sash restoration for Gihon Valley Hall, Hyde Park and a restoration of the sashes and building storm windows for St. Johnsbury History & Heritage.

At Vermont Tech, 2017-2019, I learned how to use Revit and AutoCAD.  In my design classes, I learned how to create technical drawings such as wall assembly sections, electrical wiring plans, plumbing layouts, and demolition plans while ensuring that all designs are clear and presentable.  This experience gave me a more practical understanding of how a building is constructed.

My person attributes include leadership, intellectual curiosity, and assiduity.  These skills served me well as president of the Vermont Tech Multicultural Club.  I worked with the club’s vice president and treasurer to organize weekly club events such as bringing students to historic parks, landmarks, museums, comedy clubs, and performances.  The Multicultural Club gave me first-hand experience at being a leader and a team player.

For my senior project in high school, I interned at S. A. Fishburn Inc. for six hours every week from May of 2016 until June of 2017.  I restored windows and doors for the Hardwick Townhouse, the Old North Church in Danville, the Jericho Congregational Church, and Parsons Hall in Haverhill, New Hampshire.  I received the Senior Project Award at my graduation for an outstanding job.

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