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Plans and Sections Project One - C. R. Meaders.jpg

Cube Workshop
(Studio I)

What is a cube?

In this instance, it is a model that fits within the parameters of a four-inch cube.

As our first three studio projects at Wentworth, I constructed and documented nine cubes made out of paper, basswood, copper wire, fine metal mesh, and plaster of Paris. I constructed these models without glue and tape as a challenge. Each set of three symbolized the following properties:

Might Cube - Hold as much weight as possible using the least amount of material.

Light Cube: Interact with light and shade.

Flight Cube: Interact with air, perform a certain motion in flight, and represent flight.

Project Three Axonometric Light Cube CRM.jpg
Anonometric and Perspective Might Cube CRM.jpg
Plans and Sections Project Two - C. R. Meaders.jpg
Project Two Cube Collage - C. R. Meaders.jpg
Rhino Project Three CRM.jpg
Force Drawings CRM.jpg
Project Three Cube Collage - C. R. Meaders.jpg
Diagrams and Poems - C. R. Meaders (1).jpg
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