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Project Four Cube Collage - C. R. Meaders.jpg

Little Symphony

The objective of this assignment was to design a performance venue situated in Boston's Back Bay Fens that roughly fits into a 16' x 16' footprint. Just as there is harmony in music, there is harmony in geometry. Therefore, it was only natural that geometric proportion would be implemented in the design of Little Symphony, which derived its name from the modular geometric proportions that compose the arches throughout the façade. Just as notes on a scale, the arches are varied in height and breadth and arranged in harmony with one another.

Site Plan and Elevations Super Cube CRM.jpg

The Little Symphony Pavillion

Plans Super Cube CRM.jpg

Ground Floor and Attic Plans

Sections Super Cube CRM.jpg

North and East Sections

Axonometric Super Cube CRM.jpg
Rhino Super Cube CRM.jpg

Perspectives drawn in Rhino7 and edited in Adobe Illustrator.

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