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Wooden Boat School Barn Looking to Sea.jpg

The Boat Building Barn

The WoodenBoat School in Brooklin, Maine, has been hosting workshops teaching the traditional trade of building boats every summer since 1981. In this project, they are planning to expand their facility and have selected a site on their campus that is gently sloping toward the ocean with a view out to the islands and horizon. 

The concept of this boat-building barn is quite simple. This long barn points toward where the boats will be docked and set out for sea. The lower floor of the barn is arranged as an assembly line. Towards the back of the barn, the lumber is delivered and stored. The lumber is then milled in the wood shop and assembled in the triple-height boat-building room with two stacked mezzanines for observation. A large door then slides open, and the boat is conveyed into the finishing. Above the finishing room is a sailmaking loft where the sails are dropped down onto the ship once it is ready to set out to sea.

Site Model Studio Tree Boat Building Barn.jpg
Perspective From Sea.jpg
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